Some works

01. Steel Structures

We build metallic structures for the most diverse sectors of activity and all of our works are CE marked. We execute projects of Metal Structures, Industrial Halls from 100m2 to 50,000m2, Platforms, Walkways, Mezzanines, Parking Lots, among others.

02. Metalomechanics

Metalomechanical Sector - Pre-production to your size. We carry out the construction, production and assembly of projects tailored to each client. We do Profile Cutting and Drilling, Laser Cutting, Plasma, Oxyfuel etc., Calendering, Factory Treatment, Quality Control, Shipping and Transportation of materials. With a production capacity of 500 ton/month, in a 7.000m2 facility, fully equipped to respond to any project, which allows us to ensure the best practices of safety and quality, performing imports and exports around the world according to the needs of each client.

03. Turnkey Projects

We carry out projects with complete solutions from A to Z. We take care of all the construction, logistics and planning.

04. Light Metalwork

We have several services for the execution of locksmith works. We provide services for any type of metallic stairs, railings / fences, gates and doors, among others.

05. Asbestos Removal

We remove fiber cement roofing and refurbish coatings. Equipped with specialized teams certified by ACT (Authority for Working Conditions) and our own decontamination booths, we removed asbestos, replaced sandwich panel metallic coverings and removed fiber cement roof tiles with asbestos. We have complete training to perform all kinds of fiber cement roof tile removals. We have removal certification, installation of lifelines, work at height, with machines on site, lifting platforms, etc. We work together with AEPRA (Association of Portuguese Asbestos Removal Companies), to develop appropriate practices and improvements in the asbestos removal sector. We work effectively to eliminate human contact with this carcinogenic and highly harmful product and, at the same time, to place a modern coating that increases the thermal and acoustic comfort of homes and industrial buildings and increases the value of real estate.

06. Facade and Coverings

Assembly capacity 10.000m2 / month

07. Surface Treatment and Intumescent Painting

We apply all kinds of painting systems, with a qualified team that works on site.

08. Metallic Containers and Reservoirs

Construction of polybene-type metal containers, multi-benne, tipper, compactor, from 400L to 40m3 etc. We supply large capacity containers for the collection and transport of large volumes of waste or others. We manufacture according to the client's needs and the type of waste to be transported. Accessories Metallic Reservoirs. We perform the construction and maintenance of structures and accessories for conical, curved or floating roofs, Helical Stairs, Pipe Racks, flanges, supports and various fixings.

09. Engineering Solutions

Engineering, Civil and Metalomechanical Solutions, Conception, Study, Design, Management and Supervision of Projects of all dimension.